Aviation Engineered Products

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Aviation Engineered Products (AEP) was stablished in 1981; founded by Marine Veteran Mr. Thomas Fields.

We have had the honor to embrace on the Board of Directors, for many years, Retired Vice Admiral Dr. Jon L. Boyes, may he rest in peace, who instilled in the company honesty, quality and hard work.

From the beginning we concentrated in Jet Engine and APU Spare parts that have been supplied to many customers worldwide. We are approved to manufacture some hardware parts by the US Military and mostly we inventory and distribute products.

We have become one of the largest distributors of Piston Rings in the world and keep a vast inventory for use in Pneumatic & Hydraulic Valves & Actuators, Landing Gears, APUs Compressors, Pressurization & Deicing Systems, Turbine Engines and Retainer Rings.

For the past 40 years we have thrived to deliver quality and reliability with cost-effective products and on-time delivery.